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At EZ UP Shutters, we have years of experience installing retractable awnings in Brevard County and the surrounding areas. Our residential and commercial awnings are designed with strength, durability and ensuring charm.   We offer many different styles, colors and pricing options to fit every home. 

The Maui 

The Maui awning is our heavy-duty standard patio retractable awning. The design and operational use is simple and recognized for its wide variety of fabric and size options and its affordable price. The retractable is fully assembled and provides the option to purchase a standard manual operation controlled by a rocker arm/hand crank or a motorized option that controls the operation with a radio frequency paired remote control. The awning does not include a cassette or a hood. This was specifically designed for the purpose of showing off the qualities and mechanisms of the awning as it operates. The framework includes a heavy-duty steel and aluminum white powder-coated frame. It retracts and expands with multi chambered, stainless steel, and dual-cabled lateral projection arms.

Each retractable awning includes our standard Sahara style 10 inch valance that can be used all year round as well as removed and stored away until the next season. Installation simply requires mounting of the brackets followed by securing the awning into the brackets. The awning may be installed on many different surface types such as brick, stucco, wood, stone and many others. The mounting of the brackets is a quick step-by-step process when following our installation manual. Each Awntech awning is designed to be installed by DIYers constructing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. Needless to say, this does not exclude contractors or professional installers. Awntech guarantees high quality and ensures that each retractable awning is hand-crafted to have a long-lasting durable design and structure.




* Disclaimer: Water resistant does not mean the retractable awning is waterproof. We recommend that you avoid using a retractable awning in inclement weather. The fabric is tightly woven and can puddle water in the middle of the awning when extended, potentially putting too much pressure on the arms and damaging them. Please review the warranty policy for any clarification.


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